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Warranty Conditions

All warranties apply from the date of purchase from your WEMBLEY stockist and applies to the original purchaser. Claims must be accompanied by a copy of the original purchase invoice.



Timber/steel frames, swivel mechanisms, steel springs. Foams are guaranteed against collapsing. Settling of the foam and fibre is normal and may cause wrinkling of the leather or fabric. This can be expected during normal use of the furniture.



 Recliner mechanisms, Electric motors[general], Okin motors 5 years.




All leather covers are guaranteed against cracking and tearing [not caused by piercing] provided the leather has been maintained as per the Wembley or Zedere Leather Maintenance Schedule. Fading due to direct or indirect sunlight is not covered. Variations in leather texture and healed scares are not faults but are the natural variation to be expected in leather. PLEASE NOTE; Some medications can alter the composition of perspiration which in turn may have a deleterious effect on the surface coating of the leather. This effect is not covered under our warrantee. Regular maintenance of the leather via the Wembley Maintenance Schedule will significantly reduce the chance of this effect. To increase the life and new appearance of the leather please follow the Wembley or Zedere Leather Maintenance Schedule.

Fabric - All covers are guaranteed against wear through [not caused by piercing]. Fading due to direct or indirect sunlight is not covered.



1 Attach a copy of the original invoice with the claim.

2.Give a detailed description of the fault in writing. Send detailed photos of the issue where possible. The more information and detail the better. By e-mailing this information to your Wembley stockist will help in Wembley being able to expedite the claim.

3.If the item needs to be returned to the place of purchase or Wembley it is the responsibility of the purchaser to facilitate same and cover all forwarding and return costs in do so.

4.Wembley will assess each claim on its merits to determine if it falls within the Wembley Warranty criteria. If the claim falls within the criteria, then Wembley will repair or replace whatever parts necessary at its discretion.

This warranty is given solely by Wembley and is governed and shall be construed to be in accordance with and or in addition to warranty required by Consumer Law within the state or territory in which the item is purchased.





Vacuum weekly using a soft brush attachment. Any liquid spills should be mopped up as soon as possible. Spot remover maybe used BUT always test it in an unobtrusive position first to make sure that it does not affect the fabric. If the stain persists have it professionally cleaned.


Dust weekly and wipe over with a damp soft cloth. Clean, Nourish and Protect your leather with Wembley or Zedere leather maintenance Kit following the instructions contained in the kit. This is an essential part of maintaining leather in as close to its “as new condition” Any liquid spills should be mopped up as soon as possible with a sot clean cloth. DO NOT RUB HARD. Clean with Wembley or Zedere Leather Cleaner followed by nourisher and protector.DO NOT use any other cleaners as they have not been tested on our leathers. Some are very harsh and can damage the surface coating of the leather. The use of any ‘other products’ on Wembley leather may void the leather part of the warranty.

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